How Much does the Z Sword Weigh

The Z Sword, resembling a hand-and-a-half sword, appears optimized for cutting rather than thrusting. The sword itself is not particularly sturdy as Goku and Gohan easily broke it just playing around with it and also broke it during battle against Future Dabura. It seemed like more of a means to seal Old Kai/Future Old Kai inside the user.

Though the Z Sword’s history is brief, it played an important role in both Dragonball Z and Super. The history of the Z Sword, though brief and humorous, is still an important piece in both Dragon Ball Super’s manga and anime.

The Z Sword is an ancient sword embedded in a plateau on the Sacred World of the Kai, where it has been stuck for over 1,000 years. This legend says that only the chosen one can lift it, and when they do, they will gain incredible power.

The manga both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super have referenced or shown the Z Sword. Future Trunks and Gohan trained with it during their mentorship under Supreme Kai. Over 1,000 years ago, the magical weapon was used to imprison Old Kai for over a thousand years for annoying Lord Beerus. Here are all the times this weapon was critical to major plot points in Dragon Ball Super.
How Much does the Z Sword Weigh

What is the Z-Sword?

During the Dragon Ball Z’s Buu Saga, the series introduced a new weapon called the Z Sword. The sword was embedded in a plateau on Sacred World of Kings where it had been stuck for over 1,000 years. Stories say that only those worthy will be able to lift it and upon doing so they would gain incredible power.

Hoping Gohan will be able to wield the Z Sword’s immense power and defeat Majin Buu, Kai brings him back to life in order that they can repair the broken blade. The Z Sword is significantly heavy, so much that Gohan needs to become a Super Saiyan before he can pull it out of the stone. Both Shin and Kibito are astounded when they see him remove the sword, believing him to be their chosen hero.

The Z Sword storyline in Dragon Ball series like DBZ and Super is a masterclass of manipulative storytelling. One example of this occurred during the Buu Saga. Even though the abovementioned plot devices may have worked well in saving Goku, they don’t work when it comes to saving the world long-term. In the grand tradition of Dragon Ball, the Z Sword served its purpose and then became something to laugh about like Yamcha.

Gohan and the Z Sword

Gohan gets rag-dolled (flung around like a doll) by Majin Buu, but he is taken to the world of the Kai in hopes that he will be able to lift the Z Sword and use its incredible power to defeat him. The incredible feats of strength most characters in Dragon Ball are capable of, means the Z Sword is incredibly heavy such that Gohan must go Super Saiyan before he can pull it from its stone. Shin and Kibito are astonished at his ability to remove it. They believe this shows they have found their chosen one.

Even though Goku is initially reverent when he sees the Z Sword, his thoughts quickly change and father-son shenanigans ensue. The Kai becomes speechless when Goku lifts the sword, making it seem like the mystical weapon isn’t as special as they believe. In two instances during Buu Saga, Goku throws pure densest metal at Gohan to test the strength of the sword. The mighty sword snaps in half from one encounter and breaks completely on another occasion.

Goku and Gohan — alongside mortified Kibito and Shin — greet an Old Kai who was able to escape his imprisonment inside the sword now that it has been reduced from “the Z Sword” to merely a dagger. The silver lining of every Flying Nimbus is that the very act of Old Kai performing a long ritual unlocks Gohan’s hidden potential. What was prophesied as being true regarding freeing the Z Sword from its stone turned out to only be partly true, but ultimately gave strength to the person who freed it nonetheless.

Z Sword Story

On average, the Supreme Kais and Gods of Destruction visit each other’s realms once every 1,000 years to carry out a coordination meeting. Old Kai was in a meeting with Beerus, an impatient God of Destruction who destroys things when he gets mad. Because it would have been improper for him to destroy the Sacred World of the Kais, Beerus sealed Old Kai away inside the Z Sword when they got into an argument about some little thing. For the best part of a thousand years, all attempts to release the Z Sword failed. It eventually became legend that whoever managed to remove it would gain access to an unimaginable amount of power.

After being injured, Gohan is brought to the Sacred World of the Kais in Age 774 by Shin and Kibito to heal. They also attempt to release the Z Sword so as to gain access to its legendary strength. Gohan, despite receiving Kibito’s disdain for being a mere mortal, manages to free the sword upon transforming into a Super Saiyan. His success stuns Kibito and he is unable to handle the weight of it. He starts training with the sword regardless.

After returning to the Other World, Goku tests Gohan by hurling a boulder towards him. The Z Sword cuts it easily. In order to test the limits of the sword, Shin materializes a giant cube made of Katchin, the densest material in the universe and gives it to Goku who throws it at Gohan. Despite Old Kai’s relief at being freed from the Z Sword prison, all hope was not lost. After experiencing great disappointment upon failing to slice through the cube with the Z Sword, Shin and Kibito expressed shock that its blade ultimately broke – releasing Old Kai. As a result of his imprisonment on this sacred tool, Gohan’s power had been locked inside him for years.

In the future, Future Trunks trained with two Supreme Kai who were named Shin and Kibito. They prepared for Babidi’s arrival in order to defeat him. Although Trunks trained with the Z Sword and his power rose to new heights, when he used it in battle against Future Dabura, he was spit on by him. This turned the sword into stone and broke it after Trunks let go of it. Without the future Old Kai, the timeline was shattered.

Z sword weight

If we take into consideration Goku’s statement that he wouldn’t even be able to move with 10 tons per limb, this never made much sense.

While Goku was testing the Z sword, he said it was heavy but he managed to swing it around and even passed it back to Gohan with one arm fully stretched out. The sword must have weighed less than ten tons, it could not weigh significantly more than that.

Kibito claimed he was thousands of times stronger than Goku at the start of the series, so Kibito could not have been anywhere near as strong as Goku.

Video Game Appearances

The Z Sword first appears in the story mode of Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors and Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury. In some games like Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, one of the mini-games that appear while a game is loading involves Gohan pulling out as many swords as he can. The sword also has an appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Tag Team where Gohan is seen wielding it in the background of training modes.

In the game, “Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2”, it appears on King Kai’s World stage and is referred to in the English version of its description as the Zeta Sword. Meanwhile, one of Gohan’s Scenarios also refers to it as Zet.

The Z Sword was first seen in the game during a fateful scene which Gohan and Future Gohan used to try to unsheathe it only for them to realize that they needed someone else, describing him as the “chosen one”. Revealing itself as the person who can take off the sword is none other than Old Kai’s past self. The now-familiar weapon has then become Future Gohan’s projectile attack with both of them using Old Kai’s Unlock Ability. Ultimate Gohan can also do several attacks with his Z Sword in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai – Another Road.

Ultimate Gohan can use two swords in Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2. One of the swords is called the Z Sword and similarly as one of the blades he can wield in Super Saiyan 4 form, he also uses it as part of a super attack with Twin Sword Slash alongside Future Trunks where they both hold each blade during combat.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z offers an extremely powerful sword card called the “Z Sword” that may drop from uncommon to rare appearances. Players can equip them early in the game for enhanced melee and ki damage, but they cannot evade attacks while wearing it. In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, Gohan has four cards depicting him wearing his Supreme Kai Clothes and wielding the Z Sword.

A replica of a legendary sword from the Kais’ world. Gives great power to anyone who draws it.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 allows players to use a piece of equipment called the Z Sword. In Age 779, Towa tricks Beerus and Whis by hacking the Time Nest’s telecommunications and pretending to be Chronoa in order to lure them away from protecting history. This causes them both to become angry, after which Whis suggests sealing Elder Kai as a way for Beerus to vent his anger but Elder Kai protests causing Whis to suggest they spar with each other instead. After Whis and Beerus leave, Elder Kai reveals to Goku that he is still slightly bitter over being imprisoned. Beerus overhears this, but decides not to seal him knowing that Elder Kai has a bad temper. Elder Kai tells the warrior about how he got sealed inside of the sword. This is interesting, because Elder Kai had forgotten why they were fighting to begin with.

In the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game, Gohan reaches into a safe containing the Z Sword. The chosen warrior is then tasked with removing it from its resting place in the Sacred World of the Kai Area.

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Trivia about Z Sword

  • To compare, the Arthurian legend of Excalibur follows that, when the sword is pulled from a stone without anyone trying to remove it, the person will be proclaimed rightful king of England. However, in comparison Gohan does not immediately become in a higher position upon pulling out Z Sword from its holder despite immense effort (similar to King Arthur’s success with removing Excalibur easily).
  • The King Arthur tale is taught in the Dragon World. That may be why Gohan recognized the idea of pulling a sword from a stone.
  • The English manga uses the name “Zeta Sword”, which matches the Greek pronunciation for Z, “Zeta”.
  • The Z Sword is the name of a sword in the English Dragon Ball Super manga.
  • Although the Future Z Sword was eventually destroyed, it led to the death of Future Dabura as well as Future Old Kai’s body becoming petrified. When he returned to the Other World in his spirit form, he had a ghostly tail rather than keeping his physical body like that of his counterpart from the main timeline. Like Future Shin and Future Dabura, Old Kai was an ancient god of Universe 7 who refused to evacuate Future Zeno’s palace. He was killed by an evil older replacement of himself from the future.
  • The sword’s power does not extend to the cell in which Future Old Kai is locked. Even when the sword breaks, and time resets, freeing Future Old Kai; he is still killed by Buu because his body is destroyed in the process.
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